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Stocky's Stocks

New Pacific Tool & Gauge, Inc. Distributor for Australia!

New Pacific Tool & Gauge, Inc. Distributor for Germany

Starshooter Gernmany

Specialized Helical Barrel & Bolt Fluting

Pro-Precision Fluting

New Gunsmith in Colorado

Sawtooth Rifles

Custom built Hunting, Varmint, Tactical and Target Rifles

Adam's Custom Rifles



Customer Links

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  • Automotive
  • Barrel Makers
  • Blue Printing
  • Bulk Metal Supply
  • Custom Ammo
  • Die Makers
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  • Fluting Services
  • Gun Sales
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The Bumper Shop



Fosnaugh Customs

Fosnaugh Customs

Eddie - 734.652.7271

Blueprinting & Action Truing

Gunsmith Specializing in Remington Action Truing

Extreme Accuracy Gunworks, Inc.

Extreme Accuracy Gunworks

Terry - 717.712.5181

Blueprinting & Action Truing

Gunsmith Specializing in Remington Action Truing

Custom Gun Manufacturing

Custom Varmint Guns

Custom Benchrest Guns



Titanium Plate Premium titanium plate is always available at Titanium Metal Supply. 



Bob Green Specialty Die Maker




Pro-Precision Rifles

Pro-Precision Rifles

Paul - 208.871.7429

Pro-Precision Fluting

Specializing in Helical Bolt and Barrel Fluting



Expedition Firearms - Adrian Allford (208) 359-1911


Executive Gun Runners

Peerless Rifle Company

Sawtooth Rifles


Northwest Action Works, LLC

Sawtooth Rifles, LLC - 1-970-213-5039


Clark Fay Custom Gunsmith Web Site


Hankins Custom Rifles


Gre'-Tan Rifles LLC.


G A Precision


Huston's Custom Guns - Matt Huston 1-209-464-1005


L&M Precision Gunworks

L&M Precision Gunworks, LLC


McCord & Son Guns

Michael E. McCord

8725-55 Way North

Pinellas, FL 33782-5055




Pro Precision

Pro Precision Rifles - Paul Fakenbridge 1-208-871-7429


Nathaniel G. Lambeth Sr. - Gunsmith / Tool Maker

15 Sunflower Dr.

Youngsville, NC 27596



Omar Alonzo - 1-713-283-4384


Lock, Stock and Barrel Gunworks

Guy Malmborg

7505 South 2700 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84121




Peine Custom Firearms

Greg Piene
1600 S CR 1133
Midland, TX 79706

1-432-553-6972 & Email:



High Tech Customs


Louisiana Precision Rifles


Collier Rifles


Wyatt's Outdoor Custom Rifles


Noveske Rifle Works LLC.


Spartan Rifles


Schuetzen Gun Company


Stiller's Precision Firearms, LLC


John Okubo <-- Click to Email

Tiger Industrial Manufacturing

7689 Main St.

Minneapolis, MN 55432


Bell & Carlson

Manners Composite Stocks

Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks

Turkish Walnut Gun Stock (International Site)


Shilen Rifles, Inc.
























Peerless Rifle Company

Peerless Rifle Co.

Ray - 818.502.2678

Builder of Fine Custom Rifles



Latest News

Anderson Bolt Knob Released!
July 16, 2011
This new bolt knob fits all PTG threaded bolt handles and Surgeon Actions. Click Here to see the informational YouTube video.

2nd Phase Machine Shop Expansion Complete!
July 27, 2011
We have just finished installing two new HAAS VF-2 SS and one HAAS SL-10 with LNS barfeeder!